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Your work colleague

Capabilities and performance

Vices and accessories from Brockhaus HEUER are the best colleagues you could want. They are reliable, safe, robust, and extremely durable.

The production of HEUER vices, Made in Germany, guarantees outstanding quality. They are designed for professional use, with state-of-the-art technology like welding robots, CNC processing centres, a coordinate measurement station and environmentally-friendly powder coating, HEUER vices are ready for hard long-term use. Each product that leaves our production facility is thoroughly tested, after which it receives an individual product label.


The long path to reliable work colleague

1925 - Parents

Josef HEUER from Iserlohn develops a parallel vice under the name “PRIMUS”

1936 - Birth

The forward-opening parallel vice “HEUER Front” is presented to the public at the Leipzig spring exhibition.

1948 - Training

In contrast to the original production method from two large, forged main parts, the vice is now disassembled into smaller forged parts that are welded together.

1979 to the present

Further development of jaw width, clamping depth, exchangeable jaws, various accessories, and the product’s little brother, the “HEUER Compact”.

Colleague in use

The vice product range, which includes vices in jaw widths 100, 120, 140, 160 and 180 mm, is complemented by a wide range of accessories. Lift, fold and lift, rotary plate, table clamp, rotary clamp and various magnetic attachable jaws for diverse applications ensure the HEUER vice is prepared for any task and workpiece processing. Ergonomics play an important role.

More information

If you want to learn more about HEUER vices, our website provides full information on all of our products. It also includes background information on the history of the vice as a versatile clamping tool, our company history, videos, maintenance information, and a product configurator that can help users choose the right product.

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