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Made in Germany

Made in Germany – for many, an indication of the highest quality. But few understand the origins of the phrase “Made in Germany”, and what it stood for.

Originally used to designated lower-quality goods, today “Made in Germany” is considered a seal of quality. At the first World Fairs in the 18th century, German products were considered to be of low quality. Great Britain introduced the “Made in Germany” seal in 1887 to differentiate these goods. Shortly thereafter, however, German companies began to develop higher-quality and more innovative products, turning the expression into a seal of quality. Today, “Made in Germany” stands not only for manufacturing in Germany, but in particular for quality as well.

At Brockhaus HEUER, we have been embodying this level of quality since we began production 125 years ago. The values that “Made in Germany” stands for are highly important to us.

Precision, perfection, and discipline

Precision is always our primary focus when developing and manufacturing our products. Ongoing controlling and development of our products are our particular focus. Quality controls of both individual parts and the finished product are conducted regularly, since this is the only way we can ensure the perfection of our products.

Reliability, trust, and durability

Only satisfied customers become repeat customers. Because of this, all of our employees work each day to manufacture durable, reliable products, as this is the only way to ensure customer trust and satisfaction. The only way to improve is to recognise potential areas of optimisation. That is why customer feedback is so important to us.

Creativity, design, and innovation

We not only consistently develop our products, but also regularly improve and expand our manufacturing processes through investment. Improved manufacturing processes help us ensure we can deliver an optimal product to our customers quickly.

Product quality, performance, and resilience

Our products always conform to the highest quality standards. This is the only way we can ensure they are safe and reliable in use, a true colleague on the job.

However, “Made in Germany” stands not only for outstanding products, but also for social responsibility and sustainable values, like supporting and protecting our environment and human rights.

This is what makes us who we are. We are proud of our values.

And, because these values are important to us, we produce our products in Germany.

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