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After the production of the Matador vice and Superior vice at Ridgid Peddinghaus was discontinued on January 31, 2023, the HEUER vice from Brockhaus Heuer is probably the only remaining forged professional vice "Made in Germany".

Replicas of the Peddinghaus vise usually come from Asia.


    Are you looking for a vice with accessories made in Germany?

    Then the HEUER Vice is the right choice for you! It offers a functional design and associated technical advantages:

    • Entirely forged from steel and thus guaranteed unbreakable
    • Large deep clamping option with 1/3 jaw area each due to the slim design 1
    • Serial pipe clamping jaws under the "normal" clamping jaws 2
    • Double internal prism guide 3
    • Large guide surfaces machined and protected on all sides
    • Centrally adjustable guide 4
    • Precisely machined spindle bearing in the front jaw, thus constant preload of the spindle 5
    • Completely galvanized spindle with double-start trapezoidal thread for fast, precise and powerful clamping 6
    • Riveted steel rings on the spindle key 7
    • Wide range of accessories: HEUER Lift, HEUER Collapsible, HEUER table clamp and much more.

    More Information

    If you want to know more about the HEUER vice and our accessories, such as the HEUER protective jaws, HEUER rotary clamps and much more, you will find information about all products here on our website. Here you will also find further information about the history of the vice as a versatile clamping tool, the company's history, films, maintenance instructions and a product configurator to help you decide on the right product.


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