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HEUER Short stroke module

The quick release for mass producers and large work pieces

For everyone processing identical work pieces in mass, or needing a 'helping hand'  for heavy, cumbersome work pieces. Keep your hands free to increase productivity!

The HEUER short stroke module guarantees a true increase in productivity. No need to use the strut spanner to process small work pieces up to 5 mm simply using the foot pedal. Whether fixing or releasing.

The HEUER short stroke module is designed as an accessory for the HEUER vices. It consists of a special spindle, the hydraulic module for the spindle head, a hydraulic hose and a hydraulic foot pump with two pedals – one with a large lever for securing, and a smaller one for releasing. The mode of operation is as simple as it is smart: The HEUER short stroke module uses the spring deflection of the compression spring in the precision spring bearing. This is approx. 5 mm. The 'play' uses the hydraulic module on the spindle head to push the front jaw towards the back jaw without rotating the spindle.The HEUER short stroke module is thus capable of creating pressure of more than 3,5 tonnes! When the 'release' pedal is activated, the hydraulic pressure is decreased and the compression springs are pushed apart. The spindle and vice can still be operated manually following set-up. The thread ends on the strut spanner allow it to be removed if working on the vice using the short stroke module is cumbersome. The HEUER short stroke module keeps your hands free, and significantly reduces the time required to clamp and unclamp the work piece. Even with cumbersome or heavy work pieces where both hands are needed for clamping, the HEUER short stroke module replaces the 'third hand' that is otherwise needed to tension the spindle.

The HEUER short stroke module is available for vice sizes 140 and 160.

Accessories Spindle module Hydraulic cylinder Foot pump hose pack
Itemnumber 140 192142 197140 197110 197112
Itemnumber 160 192162 197160 197110 197112

Technical specifications:

Hydraulic cylinder

  • Oil connection: 1/8"

Foot pump

  • Tank capacity: 0.7 liter
  • Max. operating pressure: 250 bar
  • Oil type: HLP 46

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Product details

Item name short stroke module
Weight 25 kg
Tensioning distance 5 mm
Itemnumber 197108
Ean 4010898197085
Price 2.223,30 €
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Product details

Item name short stroke module
Weight 25 kg
Tensioning distance 5 mm
Itemnumber 197109
Ean 4010898197092
Price 2.312,20 €
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