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Our commitment to quality

The best raw materials for the longest lifespan

Every manufacturing process begins with a raw material. In addition to the patented construction of our products, the quality of the steel is also essential.

Therefore we only use the best materials in manufacturing our vices.

That makes all the difference, and it guarantees a long lifespan and a high level of safety. 

We use the latest technology in our manufacturing halls. The dynamic workflow is subject to the strictest controls in every manufacturing area. Nothing is left to chance. Mechanical precision and our employees’ dexterity ensure a high level of quality for our products. Unmistakably Brockhaus Heuer.

We hold certifications for our outstanding manufacturing processes and our environmentally friendly packaging concept: as per DIN ISO and as a CO2-saving company. You can find the certificates here: DIN ISO 9001 and CO2 Saver.

To our certificates

We exemplify quality

For decades, the Brockhaus HEUER brand has been associated with the highest quality – for good reason. We feel an obligation to our tradition and our history. That allows for just one goal: the best vice on the market will come from Brockhaus HEUER.

As a result, you will only find proven quality in our tools. A vice must pass our strict quality tests before being put on the market.

The seal on the underside of the vice certifies its tested Brockhaus HEUER quality – so you can count on your tools.

Today, tomorrow and for life.

8 reasons to buy Brockhaus HEUER


Steel safety rings at the ends of the spindle wrench make the Brockhaus HEUER vice especially safe, even if it is used improperly.


At Brockhaus HEUER, you will find exclusively “Made in Germany” quality – a guarantee of the greatest possible reliability.


Brockhaus HEUER vices have been used for generations; they offer proven quality and are continuously being further developed.
Quality that pays off.


The careful workmanship of each component allows for absolutely precise clamping using a Brockhaus HEUER vice.


A double-start trapezoidal screw thread with special pitch makes Brockhaus HEUER vices extremely resilient, even using just muscle strength.


Brockhaus HEUER vices have always been steel-forged and are guaranteed not to break.


Brockhaus HEUER continuously further develops its range of products – for more enjoyment at work.


The special spindle threading makes it much faster to do clamping work with Brockhaus HEUER vices than with comparable vices.

Price is not the only deciding factor

Tank filling: €70 → joy: 1 month
New mobile phone: €600 → joy: 3 years
Coffee break: €3 → joy: 10 minutes
Cinema visit: €30 → joy: 3 hours
Meal for two: €80 → joy: 2 hours
New sneakers: €100 → joy: 2 years

Professional tool: from €100 → joy: a lifetime

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