HEUER rotary clamp

Two in one.

The HEUER rotary clamp combines the best of two useful additions to the HEUER vice:

On the one hand the rotary table, with which the vice can be freely rotated by up to 360° in a plane. Thanks to the robust locking with a small handle to the tried and tested HEUER principle, the swivel bracket and the rotary table can be fixed and securely locked precisely in the required position.

On the other hand the HEUER table clamp, to fix the vice flexibly to any worktop up to 60 mm thick – quickly, without damage or drilling holes. This creates space on the worktop and avoids complicated and time-consuming mounting and dismantling of the whole vice on the workbench.

With the HEUER rotary clamp, the vice is extended by two additional extremely useful functions for everyday use with only one accessory.

The particularly positive properties correspond to those of the two individual products. Just like the HEUER rotary table, the HEUER rotary clamp has a closed mounting plate. This prevents dirt and machining chips from getting into the guide.

The ring mounting and mounting plate fit together precisely, and ensure precise control. The guide surfaces are naturally machined to ensure the least resistance possible during operation.

The HEUER rotary clamp is available for vice sizes 100 and 120.


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The HEUER rotary clamp can be mounted and dismantled quickly with a few easy steps. The powerful clamp spindle with the tried and tested HEUER handle ensures safe and easy operation. The four screw retainers are matched to the HEUER vice sizes 100 and 120.